What to Choose at the Best Indian Restaurant in Singapore

Food is very important to Singaporeans, food is much talked about, and good cooks are highly regarded. At the same time, the city state offers a tremendous variety in the smallest of spaces. Not only all the kitchens of Asia you can taste here, but also Australian and European of the very best sort. Click on airpaz.com today and book your ticket to Singapore!

The portions are, especially at street stalls, often smaller than ours. Just eat like the locals, who do not beat their stomach in the face of the heat: Less is more and more often, that’s the recipe. It also gives you the chance to taste yourselves through the different kitchens.

Street Food

This works best in the so-called hawker centers. This is nothing but a collection of small food stalls. In the past they used to be under the open sky, today they can be found in the basement of all major shopping centers. But there are also regular food markets in every neighborhood. There are then small plastic chairs around a table, one selects among the kitchens with a look in the pots the tastiest and buys directly from the chef his meal. The usually comes on a plastic plate, the drinks sells a separate stand. Talk to their neighbors, if they have something particularly delicious on the plate. As I said, Singaporeans like to talk about food.

In addition to Chinese, Indian and Malay cuisine, Singapore still has its own style: The Peranakan cuisine, which has developed along the Straits of Malacca strait. Founded by the early immigrants, the Peranakan culture unites Chinese with Malay and European influences. She has also created her own style of construction, living and clothing. Today it is particularly anchored in the Katong district.

In Singapore it is not difficult to have dinner for three or even $ 300. The price on the menu is still the VAT (GST) of 7% and a service surcharge, which usually includes ten percent. Tipping is not expected anywhere. Restaurant visits are very expensive if you order alcohol. The taxes on alcoholic beverages are immense, and a beer can easily cost the equivalent of 5 euros.

Bah KutTeh

This is a spicy herb soup with pork and offal. The soup with pepper, chili and garlic is available for breakfast


The slices of grated pork, brushed with honey and then grilled, do not look appetizing. But they are. For Chinese a delicacy, not only in the weeks of the New Year

Chai Tow Kway/Carrot Cake

A kind of pancake with spring onions and sweet black sauce; has nothing to do with the cake that we know here

Char KwayTeow

There are fried, flat noodles with sweet, black soy sauce from the wok, in addition to Chinese sausages, bean sprouts, eggs and garlic.

Chicken Rice

Chicken is tenderly cooked with different sauces; looks a bit bland, but is a poem. Originally from the Chinese province of Hainan, it has become Singapore’s national dish

Hokkien Mee

These are yellow noodles fried in a wok: the classic with pork or squid and lots of vegetables

Kaya Toast

This is a very sweet breakfast snack: milk pudding and eggs with coconut milk


Thick and yellow; these are the noodles of this famous spicy soup, in the taste of chicken or fish to swim, in addition to tofu cubes and coconut milk or tamarind juice